What’s on my back!?

Howdy folks! I hope that your 2021 is off to a great start!
I thought, while I’m sitting here at 31,000 feet riding in a plane to Orlando, I’m going to write a blog post. It’s been a while so, here we go.
This is just a quick run down of what I am carrying on my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trial. What I have put together so far brings my base weight to 11 pounds 4 ounces. My current plan is to do mail drops with various dehydrated meals. Some of the ones I have tried and really like are, Evergreen Adventure Food, Good to-Go, Greenbelly Meal Bars, and Standard Process Possible bars.

The mail drop plan is a slow process and I will decide as I go along whether or not I want to continue this through the entire adventure. I have decided to do the mail drops in order to maintain eating as healthy as possible while on trail. I just can’t bring myself to eat ramen and pepperoni with cheese on tortillas the whole time. My body just will not like that at all, its taken me a while to figure out what I can and cant it and how much it will affect my body. Congestion and inflammation are the biggest things, as well as just over all low energy. Low energy is not what I need for a 6 month hike north!

I am sure there are a few small things I might be leaving out of this list but not many.

Nemo 2PShelter System2 person tent138.5ounce
FootPrintShelter SystemNemo 2P FootPrint16.9ounce
MSR/NEMOShelter SystemTent Stakes1177gram
FuelCook SystemFuel for cooking 113.4ounce
BRS 3000-TCook SystemBRS ultralight cook stove10.9ounce
PotCook SystemTOAKS Titanium 75013.6ounce
SpoonCook SystemTOAKS Titanium Long Spork10.65ounce
LighterCook SystemBIC Mini10.5ounce
UGQSleep SystemBandit top quilt122ounce
Big Agnes PadSleep SystemInsulated AXL114ounce
Big Agnes PumphouseSleep SystemSleep Pad Inflator/stuff sack 12.9ounce
Sea to SummitSleep SystemAeros Ultralight Pillow12.1ounce
ULA CircuitBackpack SetupBackpack141ounce
ZPacksBackpack SetupPack Liner11.8ounce
Garmin Misc InReach Mini13.5ounce
KatadynMisc BeFree 3L Water Filtration13.5ounce
Smart Water BottleMisc Empty Smart Water Bottle11.2ounce
Pack Rain CoverMisc ULA Rain Cover13ounce
Trekking PolesMisc Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork117ounce
BatteryMisc ANKER PowerCore Essential 20000112.2ounce
Rain JacketWearablesOutdoor Research Helium II16.4ounce
SocksWearablesDarn Tough113gram
SocksWearablesDarn Tough113gram
Winter PantsWearablesColumbia Silver Stretch Conv. Pants10gram
Camp ShoesWearablesEarth Runner Circadian Lifestyle111.8ounce
ShoesWearablesAltra Olympus 4111.6ounce
-33 leggingsWearablesKANCAMAGUS19.6ounce
ArcteryxWearablesCerium LT110.8ounce

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