Short but sweet

It’s currently 10:26 PM on Friday April 2, 2021. I just got off of the table after being adjusted by my stepmom. She is a chiropractor that uses Applied Kinesiology to find the parts of the body that can remove pain or tight muscles in another area of the body. Honesty, it’s a little crazy, but, I’m not complaining! After a lot of work on my left foot, it got to a point where I could feel it in my lower back, were talking about my foot, ok. So, she moved up to my L5, lumbar 5 and put her arthrostim device there and let it “jack hammer” on the L5, once I heard the “jack hammering” release I could feel the pain go away in my foot. The body is so amazing.

So, rewind to 6:00 pm, it was me, my girlfriend , and my youngest son, standing at the check in counter, and I got a tap on my shoulder. It was my dad and stepmom coming to see me off. I thought they were going to come April 3, 2021, launch day but they showed up today! Fast forward to after sunset,

While I was getting that adjustment, my sister and her family walked in! I was not supposed to see them until, Franklin, NC, mile 110. Needless to say, today has been a good day seeing family before taking off tomorrow morning.

Alright friends, after three years of thinking about doing this hike and a few girlfriends that didn’t think it was a smart thing to do,nor would support it, it’s time for me to launch, and with an awesome girlfriend that is one hundred percent supporting me!

One thought on “Short but sweet

  1. It’s always better to have supporters around you instead of detractors that want to put you in their box. Walk the path that God puts in place for you!


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