AT Thru-Hike Day 13

Family and friends dinner at Root and Barrel, Franklin

We got to Winding Stair Gap (3,688) and said our goodbyes. Immediately we began climbing, passing Panther Gap at the two mile mark, we hiked on, soon passing the blue blaze to Siler Bald Shelter.

From there we hiked up 275’ in elevation to the intersection of the AT and the Siler Bald Trail. From this intersection we turned to the southwest and headed I the trail for .2 miles to the peak of Siler Bald (5,207 feet).

One small view from Siler Bald

Standing on the top, the clouds looked as though they were skipping across the mountain like a smooth stone on a pond. White and fluffy I wished I could lay on them to rest my tired feet.

After 20 minutes or so of relaxing in our crocs to give our feet a break, we pressed on, down hill for 2 miles to Wayah Road (4,143 feet), only to start heading back up again, and this time, we didn’t stop until we got to Wine Spring Campsite (5,334 feet).

Now after dinner and writing, it’s currently 33° headed south to 20°!! Coldest night so far on trail, but I am warm and toasty in my 10° down quilt.

Intersection of the Appalachian and Bartram Trails

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