AT Thru-Hike Day 36

Carvers Gap (5,506 feet) mile 380.5 to Highway 19E (2,861 feet) mile 395.3 for a 14.8 mile day!

What an amazing day today! It was a day field with balds! I went over, Jane Bald, Round Bald, Grassy Ridge Bald, Little Hump Mountain, and Hump Mountain! This photo is super cool, it is looking north from Little Hump to Hump Mountain, and it’s been the only place, so far, that I could look into the distance and see the trail, what seemed to be miles away!

A bald is basically what it sounds like, a mountain with no trees on it, just as Max Patch was, but this time, the clouds weren’t down on my level. I believe this is what is called the Roan Highlands.

After climbing these balds and seeing the world around me it was time to make a descent. This was not any descent though, it was a 5.5 mile long descent down 2,845 feet in elevation! It was covered in rocks, big rocks, little rocks, medium size rocks, wet rocks, dry rocks, and rocks that were covered in moss and old dead leaves, in other words, there was some slick rocks!

About 1,000 feet into the descent there is a tent site called Doll Flats, mile 392.3, this is the point at which I left my home state of North Carolina for good! See you in September, North Carolina!!

Continuing on, I came to Highway 19E, and called The Station at 19E, where Dave and Amy and the gang run a great little hostel. Dave came and picked me up and brought me the .7 miles to the hostel where I had a nice dinner and watched a little bit of a movie, “The Postman”, with Kevin Costner. I put this here so I can remember the name of the movie!

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