AT Thru-Hike Day 39

Boots Off Hostel (2,081 feet) mile 428.4 to a tent site and spring (3,854 feet) mile 441.5 for a 13.1 mile day!

I decided to do a short day to give Kelly a better chance of catching up tomorrow, I have missed hiking with her since she has been staying at her sisters and slack packing.

One thing I have learned out here with this life, don’t get in a hurry! Yesterday I was in such a hurry to get to the hostel because I heard they had real food, not dehydrated! Not that I don’t enjoy my dehydrated meals, please, don’t get me wrong there. I have never had an MRE but I hear they are horrible! These meals, they are not horrible! Maybe the military should look into these meals instead! Anyway, I digress! So I hurry and get my feet and legs absolutely worn out and then I get there and all they have, frozen pizza! Ugh!!! I could have stopped at a higher tent site and eaten a dehydrated meal, have I mentioned the dehydrated meals? Yes! Yes I have! Okay, back to today.

Annnnnd were back!

I was texting with Holly Dede today, she is the creator and leader of [Dedeluxe living.](

Holly, even though I was open and honest with her about my lack of presence after just starting a new career in real estate because of this hike, took me in on her team so that while I was away, she and other members of the team could nurture and love on my sphere of influence.

This was her text to me today, “The market has been absolutely brutal here and your hike keeps me going some moments because I am thinking about how pushing through and continually uncovering new ways to get through obstacles means we are blazing a trail for people to just do the damn thing and make no excuses, nor take any excuses!” This came after a day that you may or may not have read about, if not, shame on you! Go back to day 38 and read it, please! Any who, every time I looked at my gps, it seemed as though I wasn’t moving! Many times yesterday, I didn’t want to go on. I wanted to sit down and, even though I had no water to cook with, I wanted to set up my tent and just quit for the day! When I got into the hostel last night, I could hardly walk from the work my feet, calves, front and backs of my quads had done the hours before. I felt like crying, but I knew that that would do me absolutely no good, but what would do me good, push through this and continue on with my day. So I showered and went to bed, and woke this morning rejuvenated.

I didn’t come here to quit, I didn’t come here to give up. I came here to walk every single day and push myself to limits I never knew were possible and to overcome challenges that would face me almost daily. Yesterday was just that, and you know what? Today, I am perfectly fine and had an amazing hike looking down on Watauga Lake.

The coolest part about all of this, while I’m out here hiking the Appalachian Trail, I am also selling real estate with an awesome team that’s “…blazing a trail for people to just do the damn thing and make no excuses, nor take any excuses!”

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