AT Thru-Hike Day 42

Damascus, Va, (1,927 feet) mile 470.7 to a campsite along Whitetop Laurel Creek (2,299) mile 477.6 for a 6.9 mile day!

Six point nine mile day, not much to say about that day. I said good bye to Suzanna after having breakfast with her at the Damascus Diner, nice big breakfast! Then we went into a local guys shop and found some super cool wood work that he does himself. Then we went into one of the local outfitters to find a good summer hiking shirt, and, can you believe, they had no such shirts!!! All the had was cotton shirts which are horrible for hiking, especially when it’s for months and no shower for days!! We went from there to try a different outfitter, and just about the same luck, but I settle on a “moisture wicking” shirt, so let see how that does over the next few days. I tried to get a short sleeve alpaca shirt but, since it’s summer, they have no short sleeve shirts, I have still yet to figure that company out. I hate it because they are a Charlotte based company and their hoodie/long sleeve that I managed to get, all be it a women’s, it was winter so they were sold out of the long sleeve.

Anyway, we climbed our way out of Damascus and ran into a mom and daughter set of hikers, they had started about 41.1 miles away from town and hiked back to their car.

We kept going and crossed the Virginia Creeper Trail and walked along the beautiful Laurel Creek before coming to a nice little camp site.

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