AT Thru-Hike Day 59

Lamberts Meadow Campsite (2,060 feet) mile 721 to Fullhardt Knob Shelter (2,657 feet) mile 735.3 for a 14.3 mile day! We ascended 2,991 feet and 2,459feet descended feet! We got up this morning with excitement in our steps! We were heading into Daleville, Va. and there in town, not three tenths of a mile from the trail was Three Little Pigs BBQ, where we were stopping for lunch.

The hike into Daleville was a pretty one. There is one thing I have noticed about this area, and I’m not sure why, there are a lot of transmission towers/power lines going across these mountains.

We made it into Daleville and hit the Three Little Pigs BBQ, just as we had planned!!

After getting our fill on BBQ we headed back out onto the trail. While leaving the restaurant, we ran into a few hikers we had seen earlier. When we first saw them, they had found two dogs and were waiting around for their owners. They told us the owners finally showed up!

Just about 800 feet after getting onto the trail again, we hit another major milestone, this time it wasn’t a mileage marker, it was a sign telling us just how much of the trail we had finished at this point.

1/3 of the way to Katahdin, wow!!! I couldn’t believe it either! Well, the celebration came and went, the other 2/3 needed to be hiked and they weren’t doing it themselves, that is for sure!!

And in tru AT fashion, especially as of late, about 2 miles after this picture, it started pouring rain! We knew it was coming though, the weather was hot and humid for the morning and then around 3:30 thunderstorms!! It rained for the next three miles and then a while longer once in the shelter!

This was the first shelter, and the o oh shelter left, with a cistern for getting water, the cistern was filled by rainfall running off of the roof of the shelter.

Yeah, the water was brown!! Haha and had mosquitos in it, but, I needed to cook and there has been very little water lately. So, I used a fellow hikers chlorine tablets and then boiled it to cook and then I put punch flavored electrolytes in it to hide the color!

The rain finely stopped and I pitched my tent and now it’s time for bed!

Mad Scientist, out!

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