AT Thru-Hike Day 72

Last night, we stayed at rock Spring shelter, where there was literally a spring coming out of the rocks. A nice shelter, and there was actually a cabin right there near the shelter that one can rent through the Potomac Appalachian Trail club. We took off this morning on our 14 1/2 mile hike for the day, it’s a short day, because my buddy Tom has driven up from Charlotte to tent with us tonight and cook us salmon and veggie.

This is one of the most amazing days today, the temperatures are probably in the 50s right now sunny clear blue skies not much wind but just enough to still stay cool while walking. The great thing was, it stayed like this all day long!! In fact, we stopped for “lunch” at Skyland Resort and while sitting outside at a little table, the only table I might add, I had to put my puffy jacket back on. We were joined by Emergency Protein, protein for short, this little dog and his owner, Grim. Grim had thru-hiked in 1986, I think it was.

We pressed on from here after relaxing for a bit. From here we had a few more climbs to make. The climbs here in the Shenandoah’s have not been nearly what they were the previous 900 miles.

We passed some amazing views along the way, it was nice to finally climb and get views instead of climbs with nothing in return!

As we continued our trek to Panorama parking where we were meeting Tom, things got a little rocky. By that I mean, things got a lot rocky!! For a mile and a half we tiptoed through the rocks, I wish it was tulips, down the 1,100 foot decent to get to our campsite and “restaurant” for the night. At this point, walking on these rocks are so painful, it is so tough on the feet and the ankles, but, it has to be done and it is gently preparing us for Pennsylvania and rocks there like we have never seen. You’ll have to continue following along for those.

We finally made it down off the mountain and met Tom where he has his tent setup and his grill and stove out ready to cook us some salmon and zucchini!! This has been a meal Tom and I have shared with others out on our camping trips, and we can’t wait to share it again when I return home in September!


Mad Scientist out!

One thought on “AT Thru-Hike Day 72

  1. Had a blast with you & Kelly! So glad I got up there…hiked 6 miles which included Mary’s Rock to experience just a bit of what you’re experiencing. That 1.7 mile descent was no joke!
    Proud to introduce GRITS to Kelly! 😂
    … & she ate the crispy salmon skin! Awesome!!!


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