AT Thru-Hike Day 104

Hemlock Springs Campsite (485 feet) mile 1,408.9 to Canopus Lake Beach (916 feet) mile 1,426.9 for a 18 mile day.

I can not believe that in 18 miles we did not see one view, nor one animal, at all. There were a few birds chirping but not many. I’m not real sure why the layout of the trail does what it does in this area, but, that’s the way it is so that’s the way we have to walk. We even walked for 2 miles along Canopus Lake and not once did we walk in any proximity to the lake where we could enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Nonetheless, we completed an 18 mile day , which is 18 miles closer to Mt. Katahdin! We now have 766.2 miles left!!

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