AT Thru-Hike Day 122

Goose Pond Road (941 feet) mile 1764.9 to Lyme-Dorchester Road (1,103 feet) mile 1770.4 for a 5.5 mile day.

Today and tomorrow are slack pack days with Suzanna. Today is August 21, 2021. I turned 48 years old today. I needed miles and didn’t want to take all day Sunday to do the 13 miles, so I broke it up into tiny pieces so I could spend time with Suzanna both days instead of just Saturday and then only dinner Sunday. It worked out great and we had a great weekend together.

It was literally an up and down day today, but, at least at the top of my up was this beautiful New Hampshire view! It’s so great to be back in mountains again!!

I finished my short day and walked out into the highway where I saw the car parked in the parking area. I ran towards the car to say hey to Suzanna, but I noticed she wasn’t there. I got really nervous for a second because I had told her that if she wanted to she could head south on the trail and meet me at some point and then walk with me. My first thought, she went the wrong way!!!! Which meant I was going to have to run to catch her.! Not the case at all. She had her shoes off and was playing in the creek! 🥰🥰

AT Thru-Hike Day 123

Etna Rd. (825 feet) mile 1756.8 to Goose Pond Road (941 feet) mile 1764.9 for an 8.1 mile day.

One day over 48 now and I’m still hiking the AT. Haha

Today was, for the most part, really uneventful. But, I did see some really cool and fun signs.

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