AT Thru-Hike Day 23

Newfound Gap (4,996 feet) mile 207.7 mile to Ice Water Spring Shelter (5,917 feet, mile 210.8 for 3.1 miles for today. We ascended 1,241 feet and descended 374 feet. The sign today read, Katahdin, Maine, 1,972 miles!!!

Newfound Gap heading out again

Today, Kelly and I came off of a few zero days. We got to Newfound Gap sooner than expected originally and I chose to go to Denver with Suzanna for a few days. This put us Thursday and Friday off trail and a nero day today.

Around 4:45 we arrived back at Newfound Gap. Thank you so so much to Mrs. Lawler, Suzanna’s mom for picking us up at Newfound Gap, taking me to Knoxville airport and then picking us back up in Knoxville and bringing us back to the Gap. We obviously, could not have done all of this without her!

It was a typical up hill hike into camp today, not a whole lot to talk about but I did have a small issue with getting water today. At mile 208.5 there is a water source, and on Guthook it showed a solid water droplet. Guthook is an app on your phone that you can purchase the AT as a whole or in sections, as well as a few other trails! On Gut hook it shows different symbols for different things, there are shelters, towns, views, mountain tops, water droplets, etc. the water droplet is either full of water, good flow, or half full of water, not so good flow. This source showed a full droplet, good flow, and that was far from the truth!! They must have mapped this section during a rainy season!

On the other hand, we got to the shelter and it had a solid droplet and it was a great flow, straight out of the spring!

The shelter has a great view of the mountains ahead of us! One thing I love about this journey, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner views, they are wonderful!

Dinner with a view

Looking forward to a great full say back on trail tomorrow heading for Maine, with a few stops in between!

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