AT Thru-Hike Day 24

Ice Water Spring Shelter (5,917 feet),mile 210.8 to Tri-Corner Knob Shelter (5,887 feet), mile 223.4, for a 12.6 mile day. We ascended 2,851 feet and descended 2,953 feet.

Those ascending and descending numbers are the story of this trail every single day. Go up just to go right back down. Our days normally consist of going up and over a mountain to get to anywhere! And the views and challenge make it all worth it, slow and steady.

We took off down hill to start the day, we went for about 1 mile to a super popular day hike spot, Charlie’s Bunion. The view from here was amazing! From here, we could see Gatlinburg and Douglas Lake off in the distance.

Charlie’s bunion

The wind has been blowing a lot today, and the forecast calls for rain. I am praying that it will rain during the night and not on us tomorrow, but either way, I am grateful to God to be out here in His creation spending time with him, walking and talking with Him, when Kelly is too far ahead of me to talk!

Through the wind, we pressed on along the edge of the mountains the trail ran, at times there is the fear of falling off we are so close. We walked on, and a few miles passed Charlie’s Bunion was a great view towards the other side of the ridge we were walking along.

There are a lot of ridge walks, look to the left and it’s down the mountain, look to the right, and it’s down the mountain, it’s super cool and we enjoy it!! We walked along the ridges today to a spot called Eagle Rocks, this is the spot that marks 1/10 of the trail for us, it was mile 219.3! We stopped here and ate lunch quickly because we felt a few rain drops but it never rained. Not far from there I found this survey monument in great shape. I am trying to take pictures of all of these I see, from Georgia to Maine!

We got to the shelter, and it was crowded!!! We wandered around looking for a flat spot to put our tents, but they were all on a slope and with the rain coming, we didn’t want that! So we walked back up the trail to a spot where folks park their horses, and found some great spots there!!

Now, I am laying in my tent as the wind baffles the side of my tent into my head. The rain should be starting in the next 6-8 hours but the wind is whipping good! I’m fairly confident in my tent space choice that there were no widow makers above me. These are trees or tree limbs that could easily come down on your tent ending your hike and possibly everything else in your life.

In order to keep my goose down quilt from getting wet, I have my quilt and feet stuffed into my water proof pack liner. I hope it works! I’ll tell you tomorrow!

Trying something new… next day… it didn’t work!!

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