AT Thru-Hike Day 46

A campsite (3,299 feet) mile 530.7 to Atkins, Va. where we stayed at the Long Neck Lair mile 545.9 for a 15.2 mile day! We ascended 2,652 feet and descended 3,532 feet!

So, the original plan for today was to get up and hike for four miles to the Mt. Rogers National Recreational Head Quarters, there I would meet a local realtor who would have my box of food that Suzanna sent to her. That original plan didn’t happen and this was now the first logistical error in 534 miles, which is not bad. If you know me though, I don’t take well to my plan being messed up by someone else and I will work to try to fix the mix up so things still flow as best as possible. Well, yesterday, I got in touch with her, finally, and she had scheduled other things for when I had wanted to meet her. The whole idea here was to be able to meet the realtor in person to establish a “friendship” so of either of us needed anything in the future we had someone in their respective areas to call, and then we could do pictures and post them on social media. Nonetheless, I got her to drop the package at the hostel we would be staying at tonight, so, in the end, except not meeting in person, it all worked out.

We stopped briefly where we were to meet so we could use the bathroom and such with running water, but, being a National building, the dang thing was closed because of Covid-19, that is soooo last month! But in the process we got to see the “famed” Partnership Shelter. It used to have a shower in it, but not anymore. As of now the whole shelter is closed. You guessed it, COVID-19!

Partnership Shelter

We pressed on from here with not much to see really, except for some beautiful flame azaleas. One thing I have been amazed at is the number of different ferns growing out here!

As we continued hiking on we started to hear sounds of civilization creeping into our ears. It was the sound of Interstate 81.

Coming into Atkins, Va. we passed the settlers museum, it’s a small building that houses the history of those who settled the area as well as other early memorabilia. The museum was built across from an old, one room, school.

We hiked with excitement knowing that soon we would be able to sit at a table and have some delicious, at least we hard heard it was, Mexican food!

I could eat a lot before, but now, burning almost 7,000 calories a day, I can really eat a lot!

From here we walked .4 miles to the Long Neck Lair Hostel. A great place in a couples barndominium, and they raise Alpacas on top of housing hikers.

Settling in for the night, the owner told us how a chance encounter and the leading to sit and talk to some hikers at a McDonald’s lead to them opening a hostel that now sleeps around 400 hikers a season. Oh, and the hostel is on AirBnB

Good night, Mad Scientist out!

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