AT Thru-Hike Day 45

Brook Campsite (3,438 feet) mile 511.8 to a campsite (3,299 feet) mile 530.7 for a 18.9 mile day! We ascended 3,614 feet and descended 3,789 feet!

Today was, really, just one of those days. It was a day filled with long miles but not much else. It’s easier out here to get longer miles when there is not much to see as far as views and such goes. One thing for certain, horses are not allowed on the Appalachian Trail, at all! The AT is a continuous footpath stretching from Georgia to Maine, meaning, by a congressional order, it is only to be traveled by foot. No ATV, horses, bicycle, and there are to be no pack animals used on trail either.

The last 50 or so miles there are horse trails intermingled with the AT so signs such as this one are seen often so that the riders do not mistake the AT for one of their horse trails. Once we got away from this area and the Troutdale, Va area, the horse paths stopped.

Plants are starting to flower now and they are so beautiful! Birdie found a beautiful Rhododendron that she decided to make a crown out of.

Another thing there is plenty of out here recently are open meadows and cows grazing in them. Most of these fields are federal land for the AT but the farmers or ranchers are allowed to graze their cattle still on the property, sometimes it comes with the stipulation that they must maintain the trail as it crosses their property.

As we came closer to the end of our, basically, 19 mile day we did get one view that we stopped to take a look. Oh, and I finally got cell service again so I could call the hostel on owner back to confirm our stay tomorrow night. It’s an alpaca farm!!!!

Oh yeah, the view.

Not much but it’s there!

Ugh, we got to our planned campsite tonight, knowing it was super small, room for maybe two tents, and there was someone already there! I know what you’re thinking, oh man, now they have to keep hiking. Well, you’re wrong if that was your thought. Birdie and I managed to fit both of our tents on there with their big tent as well. Yes, we were all on top of each other but it was a few miles before another campsite, and it was late and we didn’t have it in us. They were nice folks though from south of Atlanta and were doing a two day section hike in to Damascus, Va. This hike would tie them together, from Springer Mountain to Atkins, Va.

All in all a good day, to prove that if you keep walking at a good pace and take few breaks, you can cover some miles.

Good night! Mad Scientist 🥼 out! 🤟🏽

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