AT Thru-Hike Day 52

A tent site (3,917 feet) mile 620.6 to Woods Hole Hostel (3,175 feet) mile 625.5 for a 4.9 mile day! We ascended 605 feet and descended 1,043 feet!

Today was a super short day! We had planned on staying at Woods Hole Hostel, just because it is a staple of the Appalachian Trail, well, we didn’t know we would get here this quickly. Haha

But, in the process we saw a great view and some amazingly beautiful flowering flame azaleas!

The we climbed out way up and down to a road. We turned right on this road and drug ourselves down the half mile to the amazing, Woods Hole Hostel.

Built in 1880, it is a hand hewn chestnut log cabin with not just the main home as a cabin but a second out smaller cabin out the front door.

The bunk house, is actually older than the main home, it was built in the 1840’s!! The hostel is set on 100 acres and Tillie and Roy Wood opens the bunk house in 1986 to through hikers, now their granddaughter Neville continues the legacy. At the hostel. Before dinner, a circle of gratitude is made, each person tells their trail name, where they are from and one thing they are grateful for, then a communal dinner is served with fresh green salad from the garden out front, fresh bread, and a delicious entree, today was Mexican Lasagna!

Good night all! Mad Scientist out!

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