AT Thru-Hike Day 74

Gravel Springs Gap (2,663 feet) mile 958.9 to Manassas Gap (791 feet) 980.3 for a 21.4 mile day. We ascended 3,876 feet and descended 5,491 feet.

Another day in the Shenandoah National Park, well almost a whole day. It was the last day and it disappointed, yet again, with its no views and continued pointless ups and downs, but, we had to do it to get to our final destination.

We stopped at two really nice shelters, first was Tom Floyd Wayside, it is the first shelter north of Shenandoah National Park, the second was, Tom and Molly Denton shelter. I took some time at the Tom Floyd shelter to put my feet up to get the blood flowing away from them for a bit.

This shelter as well as the Denton shelter had a deck off the front, the Floyd shelter had a picnic bench whereas the Denton shelter had a picnic bench under a pavilion as well as and Adirondack couch, flower gardens and a horseshoe game space.

After continuing down to our pick up location, actually not far from the location, we came to a sign talking about colonel John Mosby.

Later that night, Suzanna and I went by the outfitter in Front Royal on our way to dinner. There, we saw this whiteboard showing records for AT accomplishments.

Obviously, my name is nowhere on here, but, I’m going for completion not recognition! We walked next door and enjoyed a decent meal at the Front Royal brewery, where, all that mattered to me was this dessert!!! I have always had a think for a good pecan pie or bread pudding!

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