AT Thru-Hike Day 112

MA Route 2 (629 feet) mile 1,595.5 to a stealth campsite on Harmon Hill (2,327 feet) mile 1612.1 for a 16.6 mile day.

The day started crossing the Hoosic River on this “hand painted” bridge, which then crossed us over a rail road track to a short road walk. Once we turned off the road walk we walked through a families yard, on trail, and into the woods. These northern sections of the trail have brought things not seen in the southern portion, walking through or near people’s homes and in their yards. We have seen many homes with the trail in their backyard. Which amazes me because I think of trails I walk back home in people’s backyards, they are a loop that if their kid gets home them, eventually they come back home, out here, if your kid gets on this trail they could end up in Georgia or Maine!!

For a mile or so we walked along this beautiful stream with countless numbers of cascades and it was a beautiful site and sound! Then we continued on for another 4 miles crossing up and over a rock garden that took a little thought to step in the right places but it adds a certain challenge to the day. At our fifth mile for the day we came to our 12th state, Vermont. At the Vermont, Massachusetts border starts another trail, the Vermont Long Trail, or VT as it’s known out here.

The LT is a 273 mile footpath the continues north to Canada, and, 105 miles of the LT is shared with the Appalachian Trail. This makes for meeting people, at this point, interesting. The question is now, are you an AT NOBO, or SOBO thru-hiker or a Long Trail thru-hiker, or an AT or LT section hiker! Haha

We are now seeing more and more South Bound (SOBO) thru-hikers every day, and we usually pepper them with questions of the trail ahead.

Cell phone service here has been very spotted and will probably continue this way until we finish the trail because we are getting into more and more wilderness, less populated areas.

Continuing on we crossed a few more beaver ponds, but we have yet to see any beavers in the ponds or around them, and that is something we are still hoping for as we push north.

Needless to say, at this point I’m still taking it slow trying to recover from the bacteria that felt the need to infiltrate my body, so, break times are a little more frequent than normal but I try my best to make them short. We try to take our breaks at one of two places, streams for water or at views, this one was at a beautiful stream in between two mountains with cold clear water coming from a spring. I’m a little less worried about water coming straight out of the ground than I am from a stream that has been flowing through mountains and fields and pasture lands.

Vermont is proving to be a mixture of many different trail types. We have rocks, we have mud, we have roots, lots and lots of roots and sometimes it’s rocks, roots and mud all mixed together. Fun times indeed. Watch those ankles around here!!

Today, we had two options to camp. First, we had the Congdon Shelter at mile 1609.6 or we had Harmon Hill at mile 1612. Second, we had read in our trail app that Harmon Hill had a stealth spot a few feet off trail that had a good view of Bennington, Vermont down below. We got to the shelter, filled two liters of water, since there was none at Harmon Hill, and we pressed on to the hill! Arriving there, this was the view that we found!

We set up our tents, fought off a large number of mosquitoes while we enjoyed our dinner and then waited for the sun to set. The sunset did not disappoint, even with a smoky haze and clouds lingering with storms in the distance.

That’s it for today!

Puppy love, out!

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