AT Thru-Hike Day 110

Grange Hall Rd (1,614 feet) mile 1569.6 to School St. (986 feet) mile 1581.3 for a 11.7 mile day.

Back out here going at it again after the hospital, Campylobacter incident! It’s been quite the day.

My feet have felt great after being off of them for 5 days, and then I laced my shoes up and at about 10 miles they started hurting all over again. I decided that I would stop for lunch at a stream at mile 1576.9 and while there I would soak my feet and see if that helped them out. I think it helped the right one but the left one started hurting again shortly after. So, I’m going to roll my foot with my cork ball and stretch it some to see how it feels.

These northern states are super cool with their pond everywhere. This beaver pond is named Gore Pond.

Continuing north on the AT leads to the Cheshire Cobbles, it is a marble outcrop that over looks the town of Cheshire, MA. Below one can see the Cheshire reservoir which is feed by the Hoosic River which comes in from the north and will be crossed again on Tuesday through Williamstown as we head north into Vermont.

Coming into the town of Cheshire, Ma, is a large wheel of cheese. It is a replica of a cheese wheel that was presented to President Thomas Jefferson in 1802, it weighed 1,235 pounds, that’s pretty cheesy if you ask me! Ended the day just passed the giant cheese wheel with some trail magic, given by a 2021 thru-hikers mom. Every morning and afternoon she refills it with Gatorade and ice!! Great first day back on trail. Not too many miles which was good to come back to. And now, I think I’m ready to go!

Puppy love, out!

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