AT Thru-Hike Day 111

School St. (986 feet) mile 1581.3 to MA Route 2 (629 feet) mile 1,595.5 for a 14.2 mile day.

Wrapping up the evening at a HOJO in Williamstown, MA, sitting in the balcony in a rocking chair watching the kids play in the parking lot.

It’s was a good second day back! Got to do a nice climb up Mt. Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts at 3,489 feet.

Started the day at 986 feet and climbing straight from the start. 2,982 foot climb in 8.3 miles, so it wasn’t too bad, only 416 feet per mile, which is nothing compared to what is ahead of us in Vermont and the White mountains of New Hampshire.

It’s always great to start the day walking by through meadow grass.

It was a rocky day but nothing like the past states and the rocks that they through our way.

It’s always a great day when I walk through a balsam forest. The smells that it gives, think little green tree hanging from your rear view.

This climb lead us past a beautiful pond that, at one time, supplied the water to the Bascom Lodge at the top of Mount Greylock. There is a small “cabin”, or, pump house here that was unlocked, and a great place to wait out a rainstorm if such had happened, it today, it was just a beautiful partly cloudy day with cooler than normal temps in the 60’s.

I don’t know what your thoughts are about this picture, but, I’m thinking it would make a great print for the wall to remember the AT thru- hike by.

Not far up the mountain from the pond was the Mt. Greylock monument, built in dedication to those in the area that served in the World War.

Mt Greylock Monument

I found it interesting that the light that shines in the night from this tower is the brightest light in Massachusetts and in the spring and fall, during bird migration season is dimmed so the birds migrating don’t loose their way.

Along with the tower, one can find a lodge, that, when open, provides lunch, drinks, and snacks to visitors.

Making our way down the other side of the mountain to the town of Williamstown we had one nice view looking down on the town.

Just before we got into town to do a road walk on Phelps Ave, we came across a very nice clear stream that provided some nice clear and cold water to start the day into Vermont with tomorrow.

All in all, it was a great second day back on trail. At the end of the day, my feet are still feeling good! If I can keep this up with my feet, the remainder of the trail should be a nice one! I’m looking forward to the remaining

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