AT Thru-Hike Day 115

Stratton Pond Shelter (2,658 feet) mile 1643.3 to Mad Tom Notch Road (2,445 feet) mile 1659.5 for a 16.2 mile day.

We eagerly awaited leaving the shelter today. One tenth of a mile from where the AT intersects the blue blaze leading to the shelter is the name sake of the shelter, the Stratton Pond.

Such a beautiful site this pond was to see. The smooth clear water with the mountains in the background and the sound of a common loon in the distance. The glories of hiking the back country and seeing Gods grand creation. Hiking on and looking at the map we saw a lot of flat land in front of us with some small climbs here and there before we hit the bigger climb of the day up to Bromley Mountain and the Bromley ski slopes. Figuring out why there was so much flat land we came to a gravel forest road that we would walk on for a mile or two. Just as it’s time to leave the road and head back up into the forest and up the mountain, Birdie saw a sign that said, “look up”. Above the sign, high up the tree it told of the Prospect Rock view.

This view overlooked the town of Manchester Center, and Mount Equinox. Continuing on our hike we crossed over and through the normal terrain for these days. Approaching the final climb up to Bromley mountains peak the smell of pines grew great again. Looking down the trail through the pines was bright beams of sunlight, a clearing was ahead. Walking out into the clearing it was obvious, we were on a ski run. Don’t let a clearing fool you, na na, it went up up and up some more!

We got to the top and enjoyed a nice breeze with a ski patrol warming but that had places for us to sit and rest our tired legs before the 2.5 mile descent. The site here was not the hit as much as the chair lift, it was a scene out of a Star Wars movie. Haha

After lounging for ten minutes or so we started the descent through a not so groomed trail. Forget using poles in this section, it was thick and hung in the trail, but we slowly made it safely through without tripping on any roots or rocks along the way. We made it down to Mad Tom Notch Road where we waited for James, Birdies husband, to pick us up and bring us into town for a zero day tomorrow in Rutland, Vt.

Got me a room at the Days Inn because everything else was full. I have had this problem in many towns, no rooms. Now I know why!!! They told me they are selling only half of their rooms because they don’t have the cleaning staff to clean all the rooms because no one wants to work since they can get COVID unemployment money. Ugh!!!

Anywho, Puppy Love, out!

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