AT Thru-Hike Day 116

Mad Tom Notch Road (2,445 feet) mile 1659.5 to VT Route 140 (1,102 feet) male 1680.1 for a 20.6 mile day.

We started the morning with a crisp 52° day and a 935 foot climb, this day did not disappoint.

The day was filled with pine forests and the wonderful smells that accompany them. It’s been a week now since I was back on trail and my legs and feet seem to be getting used to it all again. I am so thankful for that! We hiked up Styles Peak and continued across a high ridge and then down into the Peru Wilderness. The wilderness takes its name from the highest peak in the area, Peru Peak at a little over 3,000 feet in elevation, and it contains over 7,800 acres of forest.

Crossing over the Lake Brook we made our way to Griffith Lake, a beautiful mountain lake where we saw families enjoying a day out in the beautiful weather around the lake.

Hiking on we came to Baker Peak, a rocky open ledge with some wonderful views. We always know when these types of rocky climbs are coming up because we see the signs that say, “bad weather trail”. These bad weather trails provide safe passage around the rocks that become slick in the rain.

Further north waiting on our arrival was Little Rock Pond. I am assuming this pond fits it’s name from a large rock out cropping on the other side which begged for jumpers to enjoy the lake with a splash. We saw some other NOBO hikers here enjoying a lunch break, while I took some time to enjoy the privy and Birdie had cell service to make her Sunday call to her dad and touch base with James who was picking us up once we reached the 20 mile goal. Making our way around the lake for about a half mile we enjoyed some beautiful views of yet another mountain pond.

Swimming off in the distance we had our first sighting of a Common Loon, a beautiful black headed white and black speckled bodied bird with a wonderful song in its lungs. Today we were not fortunate enough to hear this song but the day before we heard the song of the Loon off in the distance. (Google Loon call to hear and see the bird) As we came to the end of the pond the Loon had gotten closer but still not close enough for a good photo, it must have been feeling camera shy today.

Looking at what was coming up ahead for the day in my Guthook app, I saw what was labeled as “Rock Garden”. We hiked on waiting to see what this was going to be about and we finally made it to the garden. It was a rocky area that looked like a fairy garden, something that would be in the Disney movie Trolls.

I’ll put more photos in a gallery at the end of the blog.

Towards the very end of the hike was a nice flowing river with lots of small waterfalls. Waterfalls are such a pleasant and soothing sound, the perfect sound maker! Bully Brook flows north out of a small pond to the south and into Roaring Brook which is near where James will be picking us up. There are several 10-20 foot drops on the Brook that I just couldn’t safely get down to get photos of, but the photos I got were great nonetheless, I think. ☺️

Bully Brook

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