AT Thru-Hike Day 117

VT Route 140 (1,102 feet) mile 1680.1 to Upper Cold River Road (1,623 feet) mile 1692.0 for a 11.9 mile day.

Started another day off with a 1,100 foot climb, always a great way to get the blood flowing early in the morning! Who needs coffee when you have climbs like this to get your day started.

I finally had a chipmunk sit still long enough for me to get a picture. It was busy eating on something and didn’t really want to run off with whatever it was eating.

These little guys are all over the place out here. They don’t stay around long. They start their high pitch squill and take off running. Yo the trail from here we crossed Mill River at Clarendon Gorge. It’s a beautiful gorge that you can tell gets some high water volume flowing through it at times. Lining the banks of the curve in the river are piles of trees that have been washed down during high water.

We crossed the gorge and then crossed a highway and started up the mountain. Walking through a field of Canada Goldenrods we came to a nice rocky climb.

These sort of climbs will be more and more plentiful as we get into our 13th state of New Hampshire next week!

I’m really looking forward to the mental and physical challenge of New Hampshire and all it has to offer. The biggest difference, climbs like these will be rewarded with amazing views!

The end of this day brought us just 1.1 miles short of the 500 miles to Katahdin mark! Wow!! This thing is almost done! My time out here, on the AT at least, is drawing to and end! The best is yet to come.!

I really hope that you all have enjoyed this journey as much as I have!!

Puppy Love, out!

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