AT Thru-Hike Day 118

Upper Cold River Road (1,623 feet) mile 1692.0 to River Road (1,210 feet) mile 1709.7 for a 17.7 mile day.

The day started off with a climb again! Before we hit the climb we crossed the 500 miles to Katahdin sign, what a milestone this is, that I still can’t believe.

Today was climbing up and over Killington peak, although we didn’t go to the very top, since it was a side trail, it was still a big climb. 2,434 feet but it was in 5.6 miles so it wasn’t too awful. It was the typical climb for the region, scattered trees of all sorts and then once we hit the higher elevations it turned to all Christmas trees and balsam pines. Oh that smell!! I love it!!

We have been seeing this beautiful little plant up at the higher elevations. It’s called a Blue-bead Lilly, it grows in shaded forests on the eastern U.S. I liked the way the colors contrasted with the green of the fern, so, in the picture you don’t see the typical Lilly leaves but the fern leaves.

Hiking on from here we crested the peak and started back on our way down. Shortly into the climb down we came to yet another milestone, 1,700 miles on trail. It is still hard for me to wrap my head around from time to time that I have walked 1,700 miles at that point! Wow!!

Had some fun with this mile marker which was a piece of birch bark lying on the ground with 1700 cut out of the bark!

We later came to Maine Junction. The significance of Maine Junction is, the Long Trail breaks off from the Appalachian Trail and heads north to Canada. The AT goes east, leaving the Green Mountains of Vermont behind. The Long Trail is the oldest long distance trail in the United States, built between 1910 and 1930 by the Green Mountain Club. The LT totals 273 miles of which we have hiked 105 miles at this intersection. The LT is seen to the left and the AT is seen to the right in this photo.

This intersection is also, even thought there is no sign, the start of the North Country National Scenic Trail. The NCT winds it’s way through 8 states for over 4,600 miles with its western terminus being Lake Sakakawea State Park in central North Dakota.

We made our way to the end of our day passing near Kent Pond.

Ending the day and Thundering Falls.

Now with two and a half days left until we reach the thirteenth state of New Hampshire, we rest up and get ready to climb our way there in the morning.

Puppy Love, out!

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