AT Thru-Hike Day 132

Pinkham Notch Visitor Center (2,029 feet) mile 1,873.7 to Imp campsite (3,177 feet) mile 1886.8 for a 13.1 mile day.

We arrived back at the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center around 8:45 and started our hike up to tackle the Wildcats. The Wildcats are a series of 4, 4000 foot peaks which makeup the Wildcat range. The first mile, exactly, was a nice little hike, enough to get the muscles warmed up and ready for the climb up. We left this beautiful pond behind and started the climb up.

The climb consisted of 2,300 feet of climbing in 3.1 miles, along the way we passed open ledges with amazing views!

We climbed on up to the top of the first peak, Wildcat D, and we’re greeted by a gondola for the bearcat ski resort, and of course, an amazing view. Oh, and there was another pleasant surprise, at the top there was a webcam, which I’m assuming normally is used to see the snow during winter. Today the only thing that would be seen was the view and me and The Mayor.

We found out about the webcam through Mayors mom who randomly text him a picture of him sitting at the picnic table waiting on us to catch up. Haha from here we climbed up Wildcat Mountain and then went straight back down into Carter Notch where we stopped at the Carter Notch Hut (3293 feet) for cold coffee and lunch. Paradise indeed! Haha

After feeling our belly’s with some lunch, oh, and they had fresh hot soup, finally, we headed up to Carter Dome (4,832 feet)

We proceeded across South Carter, Middle Carter and then North Carter Mountains. From there, it was down the mountain to the Shelter. We got there a little later than we’d like but we made due. I chose to stay in the shelter that night, in the second floor, just so I didn’t have to set up my tent in the dark. While I was waiting for my food to rehydrate I caught a nice sunset before eating and bed!

Puppy Love, out!

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