AT Thru-Hike Day 131

A stealth campsite (4,100 feet) mile 1,867.8 to Pinkham Notch Visitor Center (2,029 feet) mile 1,873.7 for a short 5.9 mile day.

We were trying to get a little bit closer to the visitor center but it just got too dark last night to make it any further.

That tent setup was a tight squeeze but we were able to make it work. What you don’t see, is there is a fourth tent off to the right of my green tent in a hole in the trees.

We headed down to the V.C. to catch a ride to the Rattle River Hostel where I had a food drop box waiting for me.

On the way down we passed the beautiful, West Branch Peabody River, which flows into the Peabody River and then it flows into the Androscoggin River in Gorham, New Hampshire.

About 20 minutes from the visitor center, it started to pour rain on us and by the time we were at the VC, we were soaked! We went into the VC to warm up and get some food while we awaited our ride. We got our ride, finally, and the were taken over to the Walmart where we got some food resupply and things to snack on at the hostel. It was a Nero day and we needed it. At this point, we have decided to take no more zeros so we don’t loose anymore days in turn pushing our finish date back.

Puppy Love, out!

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