AT Thru-Hike Day 50

VA Route 612 (2,599 feet) mile 592.6 to Jenny Knob Shelter (2,598 feet) mile 603.7 for a 11.1 mile day! We ascended 2,289 feet and descended 2,280 feet!

So today I said goodbye to Suzanna, but first, we took some time to hang in our hammock.

After a fun day of vineyard visiting and restaurant hunting, in a small town in the mountains of Virginia, we found a restaurant to eat at, but it was definitely not what we had in mind.

The first night in town, Saturday night, we managed to get a seat at Bolling Wilson Hotel. It was nice to sit down for a date night with great food and drinks with Suzanna. That and Elijah staying the week with me has definitely two of the things I have missed while I have been away.

So today, Memorial Day, after our hammock time and goodbyes, which are always bitter sweet, I hiked 8 miles in 2 hours and 47 minutes, slack pack, to meet Kelly. Slack pack because Kelly had already hiked this section with her sister in law and they were driving their bus to get food and then drop Kelly of where I would be meeting her. Just before meeting Kelly, I crossed the 600 mile mark!!!

After finding Kelly, asleep leaning against a tree with her hat pulled down over her eyes and face, I rested for a few minutes and filled up on water. This water fill up was different though, you see, we have had very little rain and therefore most of the streams and springs are dry. Trail Angels, will stop by road crossings, and put out gallon jugs of water or even, sometimes, individual bottles of water for through hikers.

We refilled and pressed on to the Jenny Knob shelter for another uneventful, no long range views day in Virginia!

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