AT Thru-Hike Day 51

Jenny Knob Shelter (2,598 feet) mile 603.7 to a tent site (3,917 feet) mile 620.6 for a 16.9 mile day! We ascended 3,290 feet and descended 1,702 feet!

Today was a cool day. We took off a little before 9 am and as we were hiking Kelly found a newer hostel that was about .5 miles off trail, but, it had hot dogs, hamburgers, and cheese fries, so, it was worth the half mile, or at least so we read.

We hiked the 5 miles to the “exit” where we ran into a couple that had just hiked to “Dismal Falls” and was climbing back in their car. They asked us where we were headed and such and then after we explained, the told us to get in the car, they wanted to drive us there. We chatted with them for a bit and found that they had met several other hikers, YouTube hikers, and bought them dinner! All we got was a ride for a half mile, geez. Haha just kidding, we were super grateful! We got to Weary Feet Hostel,

and the front door was open. Upon entering the house, we found a room off to the right that was a dining room area of sorts and there was an area set up to place orders for food. I ordered a hamburger, hotdog and French fries, with a lemonade to drink. It hits the spot after hiking, but, after eating, yeah, not so much! I was a walking zombie after eating all of that food!

After pulling ourselves back together, we started the half mile hike back to the trail and headed north again! We hiked another couple miles and then saw the blue blaze to get us to Dismal Falls.

After paying a quick visit there, we pressed on to our tent site. But, not before a massive climb! It was basically 1000 feet in 1.8 miles! There is nothing simple about that, at all! We can do this stuff every single day but sometimes they still sneak up on us and kick us in the teeth!

Setup my tent, made my food, petted River, a yellow lab who joined us with his owner, Goldie Locks, then I passed out! Problem, I sent my quilt home with Suzanna and only have a small narrow sleeping bag liner, and the last two nights, I have frozen my butt off!

Mad Scientist out! 🤟🏽🤙🏽

One thought on “AT Thru-Hike Day 51

  1. Awe seeing those minnows reminds me of my childhood in Springtime! Great blog, babe! Your quilt is on it’s way back to you!!


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